Solar garden light use function


Solar garden lights mainly rely on solar panels to generate electricity. The electrical energy is stored in the battery through the solar controller. No manual control is required. It can automatically turn on and off according to the light level in spring, summer, autumn and winter. All charging, discharging, opening and closing are complete. Complete intelligent and automated control.

The photoelectric conversion rate of the Light's solar panel can reach 20% under direct sunlight, and the lifespan can reach 20 years;
The controller of the light adopts the integrated design of light control + time control, waterproof and cold protection, which greatly reduces the damage rate ;
The light source adopts the LED light source specially for solar garden lights, with high luminous efficiency, and the actual lifespan is more than tens of thousands of hours;
The housing is welded with high-quality steel, the surface is smoothly for it is galvanized and sprayed,anti-corrosion, rustless, aging resistance, wind resistance more than 9 level.
The Solar Garden Lights are not only lighting products but also can decorate your courtyard. A variety of styles are available: simple and fashionable, classical and romantic, gorgeous and sumptuous, delicate and elegant. The structure is concise.
It can not only shows the characteristics of classical architectural culture, but also shows the popular and fashionable urban style in many aspects.
Whether it is modern or classical architectural, it matches it's environment.
Classic but not old-fashioned, dignified but not lacking in vitality, fashionable but not flighty, with casual elegance, it is of great viewing and use value.